Sunday, April 2, 2017

If i know

If i do know earlier that I'm just a pass time for you, i would have stopped, if i do know that I'm just not more then a junk for u, i would have backed away, but then after all this year's, now you show me what I'm worth off, it hurts, baby I'm not a stone, it does hurt, baby i do have honour, i do have ego, but you shattered it away together with my heart, I'm already zombified, but yet like warm bodies there is still warmth of love in my heart. Carry on hurt me more..till i breathe my last breath..I'm tired of this false world, sarcastic, materialistic, and worst yet so discriminating..Like your so. Called friends who are so called hate other race...Maybe u forgot you are not same like them..Leave it because you will never understand until u r in the same shoes like me..Anyway please don't forget i do have my wrath, in which i will wipe everyone before I'm gone forever.

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